About Us

Afro D & Global Soundwaves is a socially-conscious hip hop/jazz/funk band based in Champaign, Illinois. The band makes soulful music designed to be heard by people of all ages, bridging the gaps between generations by providing music that appeals to old and young alike. The band’s positive messages are designed to inspire people and build community, both locally and globally.


Peter (Pete) Shungu: Bandleader

Pete ‘Afro D’ Shungu is a trumpet player, MC rapper, and educator, originally from New Jersey. He has also lived in Boston as well as New York, and currently lives in Champaign, Illinois, where he is a high school teacher, musician and father. Pete is a graduate from Tufts University who studied teaching of secondary history as well as international relations. He started playing the trumpet in 5th grade (at age 10), and has continued playing for the past 30 years. He started rapping during his teen years and has been doing that for the past 20+ years. Pete has performed as a hip hop and jazz artist (stage name Afro D) since 2004. He moved from the East Coast of the US to Champaign, Illinois in 2017, and created the band Afro D & Global Soundwaves in 2019.

Band Members

Pete ‘Afro D’ Shungu | Emcee, Trumpet

Mark White | Guitar

Mitchell Killough | Bass

James Mauck | Drums

Kurt Reeder | Keyboards

AJ Chinnery | Congas/Aux Percussion

Brighton Sier | Trombone

Kevin King | Tenor Sax/Flute

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